"A tale of immense originality and intrigue. The Miniaturist is every bit as perfect and detailed as a Mughal painting should be." - The Observer

"The Miniaturist shows Basu to be a master of his craft. His novel is a cut-glass superstructure, as sumptuous as the imperial pleasure domes that he describes, and crafted with the miniaturist's wizardry." - The Independent on Sunday

"Refreshingly modern in its minimalism, but also gorgeous with period colour and detail." - Guardian

"There are many wonderful sequences in this novel. Basu has a wide and sympathetic mind that enlivens historical research. His prose is light and fragrant, creating a vivid India." - The Times Literary Supplement

"The Miniaturist is an excellent counterpoint to Basu's well-received first novel, The Opium Clerk. By writing about the distant past, he has managed, paradoxically, to say something new.This novel deserves a careful perusal. Basu's every word is carefully chosen, and his every image resonates with meaning." - Far Eastern Economic Review

"Rich and imaginative. It's like strolling through an art gallery for sheer visual power." - Elle

"A lush, beautifully written book." - The Sunday Tribune (Dublin)


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