"The feeling of a long dream - nightbound, subterranean, images rising to the surface to be caught by the sun. The sound of voices - distant then near. The sound of one voice, in its own key, singing the dream into daylight. This is Kunal Basu. Listen to him." - Jeanette Winterson

"A first novel of rare assurance, imaginatively set and richly textured with tales that spin away into elliptical orbits. Basu's evocative descriptions conjure the magic and heartbreak of the East. It is a phantasmagoric world, rich in stories, visions and dreams, not unlike those inspired by the heinous drug itself." - The Times Literary Supplement

"Basu has found a fresh angle. The blend of personal discovery and political revolt is handled with authority." - The Independent on Sunday

"Basu draws us in and on, from one end of the world to another. Intrigues and echoes hang about us like smoke, like dust, like desire. Perhaps our own." - Atlanta Journal Constitution

"The Opium Clerk is packed with historical information and is imaginatively written." - The Daily Telegraph

"At a historical level, the novel occurs along the trail of opium. At a personal level it happens in the lives of many people in many lands. Spiritually the novel happens at the level of desire, in all its multifarious manifestations." - The Oxford Times


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