1. God's Own Medicine - a review by Navtej Sarna in The Times Literary Supplement (To read, click here)

  2. Awash with Addicts - a review by Christian House in The Independent on Sunday (To read, click here)

  3. Such a Poppy Love Story - a review by Geeta Doctor in India Today (To read, click here)

  4. Walking Calcutta's Wild Side - a review by Srinjoy Chowdhury in The Statesman (To read, click here)

  5. Forgotten Child of Empire - a review by Anjali Mody in The Express Magazine (To read, click here)

  6. Appropriating Identities - a review by Namita Gokhale in The Book Review (To read, click here)

  7. Evening out the Rise and Fall - a review by Bhaswati Chakravorty in The Telegraph (To read, click here)

  8. The Opium Clerk: Haariye Jawa Smriti - a review in Bangla by Sharmistha Dutta in Anandalok (To read, click here)

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